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Research Plan

The institute's research objectives consist of two basic and two interdisciplinary research streams.

Basic research streams:

  • Mathematical and logical foundations of computer science
  • Scientific computing and mathematical modeling

Interdisciplinary research streams:

  • Neurocomputing and modeling of complex processes
  • Medical informatics


  • Theoretical activities concentrate in particular on basic research in computational mathematics, computational complexity theory, computational intelligence, computational statistics, computational learning theory, computational logic and cryptography.
  • Interdisciplinary and application oriented research aims at non-linear modeling and prediction, environmental informatics, medical informatics, neuroinformatics and bioinformatics.

Applications are sought primarily in the fields of environmental protection, meteorology, medicine and health care, biology, banking, cognitive sciences, earth sciences, economy, business, and web technologies. In all these fields the Institute strives to contribute to and to participate in the formation of the contemporary research trends.

Closely related activities transfer and disseminate the respective knowledge and experience to the society, in the widest sense of this word. These activities include:

  • Application of the research know-how for the benefits of the emerging Information and Knowledge Society, especially in selected interdisciplinary areas, such as health care and services, environmental protection, biomechanics, geomechanics, business, industry, etc.
  • Active and extensive participation in Ph.D. education in the above mentioned research fields.
  • Wide international cooperation, organization of scientific events and scientific mobility.
Please follow this link to the new website of the Institute of Computer Science ...